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Giuliana Rancic's husband pens emotional letter to her as she quits E! News

Written By Bewith Jeddy on Tuesday, August 11, 2015 | 12:38 PM

Yesterday Monday 10th August, Giuliana Rancic officially signed off as host of E! News after 14 years as its host. The 40 year old is being replaced by Maria Menounos, but will still appear on Live from the Red Carpet and Fashion Police .However, she will live full-time with her family in Chicago, which is something she has wanted to do for years. Her husband of 8 years, Bill Rancic
wrote a beautiful open letter to her yesterday as she taped her last show.
Dear Giuliana,
You’ve done E! News for 14 years. You’ve won in life. I mean that. You’ve evolved, you’ve matured and you influenced others around you to do the same. You’ve inspired others and it shows. But there’s more adventure to be had. There are bigger and better things out there. You’ve created your own style, your own luck, your own legacy. You’ve over delivered in so many ways. You’ve over delivered in our marriage, as a mother to Duke and in every adventure we’ve tackled together.
That’s beautiful. You are beautiful, inside and out. You are the epitome of true beauty and you’ve done it on your own terms.
The way you are on that red carpet, asking questions that everyone wants to ask. Handling the pressure. People don’t realize how good you are until they watch someone else try and replicate what you’ve done.
The talent, the professionalism, and you’re doing it live. I’m biased, but to be honest, there’s nobody better than you.
Even in recent months, through some of the harder times, you showed nothing but grace under pressure. You’ve dealt with worse and you’ve taken the high road, when others wouldn’t have, something you always do. We always say in our family, “The high road gets you to where you want to be.”
It’s something we live by, even though it’s easier to take a short cut, or get in the mud and get gratification by attacking others, you don’t and never will. That’s something that makes me love and respect you even more.
Finally, this isn’t the end; it’s a change and the beginning of something bigger. It’s graduating, something you've wanted and planned for in recent years. The truly successful and game-changing people are those who challenge the status quo, even when the status quo is working just fine. You’re ready for more, this is your choice and I’m beaming with pride.
I wouldn’t miss today’s taping for the world. I just hope I don’t embarrass you cause I’m crying tears of joy. As you know, I’m a softy, but you are my Sophia Loren -- classy, elegant, strong, living your life the right way. Today is just a celebration, the culmination of so much hard work, and excitement for what's to come next!

I’ll close by saying my wife is the definition of the American Dream. A dream that’s become even more important in recent years. She came to this country at a young age and could barely speak English. All the kids in her class laughed when she stood up at 8 years old and said she wanted to be an award-winning anchor someday. No one is laughing now.

 E! News was two weeks from being canceled when they brought Giuliana on to anchor the show. In fact, the network head told her, “Just have fun” for those final days.

After her final show yesterday, she said
“I knew this day would be bittersweet but I was not prepared for how incredibly special it would be,”
“I am lucky to have worked side-by-side with some of the most talented and kindest people in the business who gave me the most loving send-off I could have ever hoped for. I cried tears of joy but today feels like my graduation day and I can’t wait to write my next chapter.”


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