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Ladies dress like North West for a Week

Written By Bewith Jeddy on Wednesday, June 24, 2015 | 1:41 PM

Melissa Hebeler and Lindsay Scheinberg of E! Decided to dress like North West for a week, they said they got the inspiration from Elle magazine's style editor who dressed like Kim for a week. Melissa said.

It was a brilliant idea, so my colleague and I felt inspired. Who would be a great muse, we wondered? Nori is young, fun and adorable. Plus, tutus are involved. Why not?
So we got together and brainstormed five iconic outfits the 2-year-old has rocked. We had plenty of options, because it's North West and she's way cooler than all of us, but we also had to keep in mind that we needed pieces we could actually obtain.
After we came up with our looks, it was time to try and re-create this fashionista's already-impressive wardrobe.


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