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Zari Sex Tape Released

Written By Bewith Jeddy on Friday, December 5, 2014 | 3:21 PM

Zari with latest catch Diamond Platinumz
2014 was indeed a year of nudes and sex tapes.
If you thought singer Desire Luzinda’s private photos were shocking, a new tape showing socialite
Zarinah Tlale having sex with a strange man will bring the earth to a standstill.
ChimpLyf will not describe the sex scenes but the tape confirms widely-held reports that Zari has been cheating on the father of his kids, Ivan Semwanga. Zari is seen having a good time with a man this website is yet to identify.
The film also shows that the South Africa-based business lady has other men apart from the Kampala guys she hangs around with.
The couple is said to have separated over Zari’s unfaithfulness. But Zari claims she is a victim of domestic violence.
Zari has in the last three years dated Farouk Sempala, basketball star Isaac Lugudde and now Tanzanian award-winning musician Diamond Platinumz.
Zari’s relationships with dudes are always short-lived, dumping men after a short time.
While liberals praise her ‘freestyle’, conservative moralists claim she is a bad example to young girls
It remains unclear if the video is aimed at creating a buzz over Zari’s upcoming social event in Kampala as socialites have taken extreme measures to maintain presence in the media.


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